The following lists tabulate the species thus far identified in the Lengenbach quarry. The quarry represents the type locality for the species marked with a star and written in bold characters.

The hyperlinks associated with individual species point to PDFs containing SEM pictures of the relevant species and other pieces of information about them.

List of Sulfides & Sulfosalts

Acanthite Ag2S Liveingite* Pb20As24S56
Aktashite Cu6Hg3As4S12 Lorándite TlAsS2
Argentobaumhauerite* Pb22Ag1.5As33.5S72 Marcasite FeS2
Argentodufrénoysite* Ag3Pb2As35S80 Marrite* PbAgAsS3
Argentoliveingite* AgxPb40-2xAs48+xS112 Marumoite* Pb32As40S92
Argentotennantite-(Zn) Ag6(Cu4Zn2)As4S12S Molybdenite MoS2
Argentotetraedrite-(Zn)* Ag6(Cu4Zn2)Sb4S12S Nowackiite* Cu6Zn3As4S12
Arsenopyrite FeAsS Orpiment As2S3
Baumhauerite* Pb12Ag16S36 Parapierrotite Tl(Sb,As)5S8 
Bernardite TlAs5S8 Pararealgar AsS
Bornite Cu5FeS4 Pearceite (Ag,Cu)16(As,Sb)2S11 (-T2ac)
Bournonite PbCuSbS3 Philrothite* TlAs3S5
Canfieldite Ag8Sn(S,Te)6 Picotpaulite TlFe2S3
Cernýite Cu2CdSnS4 Polybasite (Ag,Cu)16(Sb,As)2S11
Chabournéite Tl5-xPb2x(Sb,As)21-xS3 Proustite Ag3AsS3
Chalcopyrite CuFeS2 Pyrargyrite Ag3SbS3
Cinnabar HgS Pyrite FeS2 
Coloradoite HgTe Pyrrhotite Fe1-xS
Covellite CuS Quadratite* Ag(Cd,Pb)AsS3
Dalnegroite* Tl5-xPb2x(As,Sb)21-xS3 Raberite* Tl5Ag4As6SbS15 
Debattistiite* Ag9Hg0.5As6S12Te2 Raguinite TlFeS3
Dekatriasartorite* TlPb58As97S204 Ralphcannonite* AgZn2TlAs2S6
Diaphorite Pb2Ag3Sb3S8 Rathite* (Pb,Tl)11Ag2As20S40 
Dervillite Ag2AsS2 Realgar As4S4 
Drechslerite* Tl4(Sb4-xAsx)S8 (1<x<2) Richardsollyite* TlPbAsS3 
Dufrénoysite* Pb2As2S5 Routhierite TlCuHg2As2S6 
Eckerite* Ag2CuAsS3 Sartorite* PbAs2S4
Edenharterite* TlPbAs3S6 Seligmannite* PbCuAsS3  
Enargite Cu3AsS4 Sicherite* TlAg2(As,Sb)3S6
Enneasartorite* Tl6Pb32As70S140 Sinnerite* Cu6As4S9 
Erniggliite* Tl2SnAs2S6 Smithite* AgAsS2 
Fangite Tl3AsS3 Smythite Fe9S11
Ferrostalderite* TlCuFe2As2S6 Spaltiite* Tl2Cu2As2S5
Gabrielite* Tl2AgCu2As3S7 Sphalerite ZnS
Galena PbS Stalderite* TlCuZn2As2S6
Geocronite Pb14(Sb,As)6S23 Stephanite Ag5SbS4
Greenockite CdS Tennantite-(Fe) Cu6(Cu4Fe2)As4S12S
Greigite Fe2+Fe3+2S4 Tennantite-(Hg)* Cu6(Cu4Hg2)As4S12S
Hatchite* TlPbAgAs2S5 Tennantite-(Zn)* Cu6(Cu4Zn2)As4S12S
Hendekasartorite* Tl2Pb48As82S172 Tetrahedrite-(Zn) Cu6(Cu4Zn2)Sb4S12S
Heptasartorite* Tl7Pb22As55S108 Thalcusite Tl2(Cu,Fe)4S4
Hutchinsonite* TlPbAs5S9 Tochilinite FeS n(Fe,Al,Mg)(OH)2
Imhofite* Tl5.8As15.4S26 Trechmannite* AgAsS2
Incomsartorite* Tl6Pb144As256S516 Wallisite* TlPbCuAs2S5
Jentschite* TlPbAs2SbS6 Wurtzite ZnS
Jordanite* Pb14As6S23 Xanthoconite Ag3AsS3
Kësterite Cu2(Zn,Fe)SnS4    
Lengenbachite* Pb18Ag4Cu2As12S39    
























Other Species

Arsenic Ferrohexahydrite Adularia (orthoclase)
Arsenolamprite Gypsum Albite Arsenic sulfide glass no. 1
Gold Hexahydrite Baileychlore Baumhauerite-Ψ03abc
Graphite Jarosite Beryl    = Polytype of baumhauerite
Silver Mohrite Biotite Mackinawite?
Sulfur Rozenite Chrysocolla Manganese oxides
  Starkeyite Clinochlore Osarizawaite?
HALOGENIDES (2) Wulfenite Clinozoisite Powellite?
Fluorite   Coffinite Prehnite?
Halite CARBONATES (10) Dickite  
  Aragonite Dravite  
OXIDES (14) Calcite Hemimorphite  
Anatase Cerussite Hyalophane*  
Arsenolite Dolomite    (Ba-rich adularia)  
Brannerite Hydrocerussite Kaolinite  
Coronadite Hydrozincite Montmorillonite  
Coulsonite Leadhillite Muscovite  
Cuprite Magnesite    - Muscovite-1M  
Goethite Malachite   - Fuchsite (Cr-rich)  
Ilsemannite Rosasite    - Öllacherite (Ba-rich)  
Lepidocrocite   Paragonite  
Magnetite PHOSPHATES & ARSENATES (11) Phlogopite   
Nolanite Rectorite   
Quartz Arsendescloizite    
Rutile Fluorapatite Thorite:  
Uraninite Gorceixite    ("Thorogummite")  
SULFATES (12) Hörnesite    
Anglesite Metanovácekite    
Barite Mimetite    
Bianchite Pharmacolite    
Epsomite Picropharmacolite